EB Big Bottle (32 oz)

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Introducing the EB Big Bottle, which includes:

- 32 oz. sneaker solution
- Full-size wooden brush for scrubbing
- 2 sponges for soft materials

And as a bonus, you'll receive a FREE EB Microfiber towel!

The EBkicks shoe cleaner is not limited to just shoes - it can effectively remove stains from car interior carpets, sports bags, handbags, purses, hats, jackets, and more. Safe for use on all colors and materials, including suede, leather, nylon, and canvas. The 100% biodegradable solution can clean approximately 60 pairs of sneakers, depending on how generously you apply it. Say goodbye to tough stains and hello to clean, fresh shoes with the EBKicks Cleaner and Conditioner kit!